Best VPS Hosting for Startups

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On this post, we just comparing Hosting / VPS plans, not include any type of Hardware,Network,Ping Analysis .if your looking for a affordable hosting for your business, you can choose this companies. also we are avoided major companies like Amazon,Google cloud,Herok etc… this companies are more expensive and higher range plans, also check how to install linux apache mysql php lamp stack ubuntu 17.04

Host email, game servers, web servers, or anything you might want to with a Cloud VPS.Good news is all providers have $5 plan,

Best VPS Hosting for StartupsDigital ocean founded in June 24, 2011, currently second largest hosting company in the world !. founders are Moisey Uretsky,Ben Uretsky,Jeff Carr,Alec Hartman,Mitch Wainer.Headquarters in New York City.On January 15, 2013, DigitalOcean became one of the first cloud-hosting companies to offer SSD-based virtual machines

Best VPS Hosting for Startups


Best VPS Hosting for StartupsLinode founded by Christopher Aker, launching in mid 2003.Headquarters in Galloway, New Jersey, United States,Linode faced lot of attack include DDos.Linode was the victim of another severe DDoS attack over the 2016 Labor Day weekend.Revenue around $30.5 million.
Best VPS Hosting for Startups


Best VPS Hosting for StartupsCompany was founded in 1999 by the Polish born Klaba family. headquartered in Roubaix, France.presence in 5 continents. More than 1 million customers in 138 countries
Best VPS Hosting for Startups



Best VPS Hosting for StartupsVultr Launched in February 2014. 20+ years of experience in complex hosting environment.Anthony Quon is the Chief Operating Officer and Dave Aninowsky is the founder .Vultr $2.50  plan affordable way to try out cloud computing,  plan features 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD disk storage. This is perfect for test-driving your next application before upgrading to production level specifications.
10 Best VPS Hosting for Startups


Lightsail virtual private servers run on the same highly available and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure used by millions of customers.announce Nov 30, 2016,member of the AWS Compute family – Amazon Lightsail. Lightsail is designed to be the easiest way to launch and manage a virtual private server with AWS


Comes with two plans ,Premium plans are hosted on Intel E3 CPUs (3.3GHz+ per core). Standard and Massive VPS plans are hosted on Intel E5 CPUs (2.3GHz+ per core). Resource allocations also vary between category.



ChicagoVPS began offering OpenVZ based VPS services in Chicago, IL back in 2009 (which is ancient history in the internet business). Since that time, expanded offerings to include KVM based VPS servers and dedicated servers in multiple different markets in the United States.chicagovps provide $1 offer include 215mb RAM



If you want to host your Non-Traffic website, Vultr have  512mb RAM – $2.50 plan. it’s a best choice. at the same time OVH provide 2 GB Ram at just $3.49 also consider $1 offer from ChicagoVPS

anyway, you can decide. choose your plan as your requirement !

Best VPS Hosting for Startups

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