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The recognition of Laravel, an open supply framework in PHP is growing each day. From its unpretentious beginning in 2011, Laravel has come ahead to come to be a trending framework these days.

Laravel framework turned into created with the aid of Taylor Otwell and was to begin with supposed to make the advent of a website less complicated for novices. But with time, it has evolved further and now’s powerful sufficient to be used for creating easy and clean code with ease for advanced purposes. Laravel framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is a completely on hand tool for developing most varieties of internet portals, ranging from e-commerce to CMS.

The Laravel framework has masses of thrilling functions which have contributed in making it so popular. For the time being, permit’s test 10 interesting statistics of Laravel that each developer wishes to recognise.

Laravel framework is developer pleasant

Simplicity is one of the functions that a great framework is bound to provide. Arguably, Laravel grants on this regard. Laravel framework gives easy and smooth to apply syntax that is suitable for developers at any degree. Similarly, the superb documentation that the Laravel framework presents is worth citing. The coding fashion and feedback are consistent sufficient and are easily comprehensible.

Laravel is aware of what web applications require

The Laravel framework knows the commonplace requirements in an internet utility. Very common requirements along with authentication, database interplay and so forth may be developed with out much effort the use of the Laravel framework. Arguably, simplicity to construct not unusual necessities is especially nice for developers and is really one of the motives at the back of the growth in recognition of this framework.

Eloquent ORM

In loads of times, the developer needs the conversion of statistics between incompatible type systems. This is commonly called Object-relational mapping or ORM. The Laravel framework affords seamless Object-Relational Mapping using simple and clean to observe syntaxes.


When new developers come into a crew, there happens a need to share the database schema to the brand new individuals.Thankfully, the Laravel framework has a provision to without problems share the database schema of the software. Sometimes builders have to manually upload columns to their nearby schema. Laravel offers an answer for this too. The migrations are paired with the schema builder of Laravel to without difficulty construct the database schema. The migrations in Laravel framework come handy in most projects.


Basically, Blade is a templating engine. It makes writing code less difficult and also gives extensibility. In evaluation to different templating engines, Blade lets in the developer to apply undeniable PHP code in perspectives. The blade does now not upload any overhead to the software. This is because all of the Blade perspectives are commonly compiled into undeniable code in PHP and they’re cached until modified. Similarly, Blade has its very own set of conditional statements and loops.

Query Builder

Query Builder is a feature that has been incorporated in view that Laravel four. It can feature as an alternative to Eloquent ORM. This feature affords the developer with greater simplicity and ease of use because it doesn’t require the developer to write down SQL queries directly. In reality, the Laravel framework provides the choice to build queries programmatically.

Artisan CLI

Artisan CLI is the Command Line Interface of Laravel. This was first delivered in Laravel 3 however had just a few simple functionalities. But with the arrival of Laravel four, extra features have been available because distinctive additives from Symfony framework have been incorporated.

Database Seeding

Typically, whilst trying out or performing the initial setup of the applications, the builders are required to manually populate the database tables with dummy records. This may also seem a chunk inconvenient to a few builders. The feature of Database Seeding inside the Laravel framework permits the developers to be loose from this project since it robotically populates the database tables with default facts. This characteristic provided via the Laravel framework is clearly one to observe down and is probably a very reachable characteristic even as growing net services or API.


Want to research more about Laravel? Laracasts is there to help! Laracasts is a amazing Laravel educational site which was initiated within the yr 2013. Since then, it’s been a boon for many builders who need to try out Laravel and are hungry to research. Arguably, the regularly up to date content material, wealthy in quality makes Laracasts a favourite tutorial website for plenty builders. Laracasts is frequently referred to as Laravel’s video documentation!

The Laravel Community

The last but now not the least characteristic is the amazingly notable Laravel community named laravel.Io. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic network in all phrases. The Laravel community host distinctly appropriate boards which can be rich in meaningful discussions and is helpful in supplying sufficient opportunities for studying. Furthermore, the network has stay chats, podcasts and so forth. Which lets new developers discover increasingly.

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